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The 360 ° infinity pool integrates perfectly into the natural landscape, creating an oasis of wellness and relaxation.

The pool water is pumped up directly from a well of salt water.
This allows us to reduce the consumption of fresh water in the village of Jambiani, as fresh water is a rare and precious resource for the island.

Mwezi is shaded by more than 100 coconut trees and dotted with bananas, pineapples, papayas, passion fruit trees, tropical plants and strictly native shrubs and bushes, and perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment.

Inside Mwezi Boutique Resort you will find a lovely shop full of artistic objects, pieces of furniture, clothing, local products and gifts, all made by Zanzibarian and Tanzanian non-profit, social utility organizations. Bringing back souvenirs and knowing  you have contributed to the sustenance of the community will add even more value to them.

At Mwezi, in addition to the traditional excursions to explore the island, we organize guided tours through the picturesque village of Jambiani. The village has remained untouched by mass tourism;  and here you can still experience authentic Africa. You will get to know a Zanzibar full of a rich history and fascinating legends worth study.  And you can do it through the direct contact with the local people and their customs.

At Mwezi we also organize Swahili cooking classes for you to discover all the secrets of rich African culinary tradition and so much more. Even for someone who is not a foodie, it's definitely a unique experience, which will allow you to learn about the typical Swahili customs and traditions and make a " little piece" of Africa yours, and that’s the best souvenir you can find.

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